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All-Weather Bundle

All-Weather Bundle

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Softub Size
Chlorine or Bromine

Protect your investment from the elements and save $175 on everything you need to get started by buying the bundle! It includes:

Softub Weather Cover
Individual price: $350 (140) / $420 (220) / $450 (300)
Protect your Softub from leaves, dust, UV, rain & snow.
Fits over both the Softub and the HydroMate pak.

SpaBoss Water Treatment Starter Kit
Individual price: $170 Chlorine / $180 Bromine
Choose between Chlorine or Bromine. Kit contains:
- 800g Chlorine or 700g Bromine
- 750g PH Increaser
- 500ml Water Clarifier
- 750g Total Alkalinity Increaser
- 4-in-1 Test Strips
-100g Filter Cleaner pouch
- Softub Water Treatment Guide

Life Brand Bar Tray
Individual price: $59.99
Convenient drinks tray that slides over the side of your Softub

Extra 50x InstaSpa 6-Way Test Strips
Individual price: $23.99

Extra Softub Snap-On Filter
Individual price: $70

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