Delays and Gratitude ....

 Hi everyone,

We have been trying to keep everyone up to date on what's available and what has been sold. We are now Sold Out until the Fall season.

So what would normally take 4 weeks  for us to get in is now taking 6-8 months or more! We have pre-ordered our Softubs for 2021 & 2022! We don't want anyone to be disappointed so please think ahead, and get your orders in if you haven't already done so.

Needless to say it's been a year!!!  A Big Roller coaster rides for us, and we are so lucky to have a wonderful product that customers want while they are making the best out of their "Staycations" at home.

Customers who have already placed your orders,  we THANK YOU for being so patient in waiting for your Softub. I promise it will be well worth the wait! ❤

Spring  is soon around the corner and soon things will feel like things are back to normal. We hope the delays in raw materials will pick up, and the delays will start to catch up within the industry.  We just want to say THANK YOU to all our customers for being very patient in your wait for your Softub.

At times, it is hard for us to get to all your questions and we are doing our best to address everyone in a timely matter. It may take some time, but please don't stop contacting us, we really do love hearing from you and we will answer your questions as quick as we can, by email or phone. ( 

In the meantime we wanted to share a few NEW things we are  now carrying in the shop....

Aqua Finesse:

Amazing water care system for your Softub......



ONE minute. ONE time per week.ONE genuine breakthrough

AquaFinesse is a cutting-edge solution for maintaining the cleanliness, crystal-clarity and softness of water in your pool or spa. Simplify your water care routine- just one minute, one time each week will change your pool or spa experience, providing you with the safest, clearest and cleanest water possible.

ONE amazing new technology.

AquaFinesse makes maintaining softer, cleaner and safer water effortless-- but users find that the benefits don’t end there! AquaFinesse is the perfect solution for pool and spa owners who have little time for water upkeep or equipment maintenance. For one minute, once a week, even the busiest pool owners can keep their water crystal clear and perfectly clean. Over time, AquaFinesse can help prolong the life of your pool and spa equipment including heaters, filters, plumbers and lining-- saving you time and money while protecting your investment. AquaFinesse can also help your equipment run more efficiently, reducing your spa’s energy consumption. With all natural ingredients and an environmentally-friendly formula, you can feel safe from irritating chemicals and the unpleasant chlorine smell found in other products.

Thousands of spa owners throughout Europe and North America enjoy the benefits of Aquafinesse. See for yourself why Aquafinesse is dermatologist tested and approved for sensitive swimmers– there are no harsh side effects on skin and eyes.


Just because I love them ❤ and they are all about water and relaxation too!

 So why not!!? ;-)

You can check out these Amazing Aquariums with our sister web page at : and yes we do have fish to go along with them!

Pop in to see these, they are pretty cool.

Please feel free to drop us a line, or Pop in the Shop we would love to see you again!
Enjoy your March Break everyone!!
Warmest wishes,
Jane & knut 
440 Main Street Mahone Bay